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Australian Mortgage and Finance have flexible business finance and products which include:

Australian Mortgage and Finance has access to Australia's leading leasing companies with customised leasing options for business expansion and capital purchases which can include:

  • Equipment
  • Plant
  • Vehicles

Business finance is also available for purchase or construction of commercial properties.

What is Commercial Hire Purchase?
Commercial Hire Purchase is ideal for your business if you intend on owning your vehicle or equipment outright. Commercial hire purchase terms can be organised between 1 � 5 years. Upon making the final payment you become the owner of the vehicle or equipment.

The benefits of this business finance option to your business are:

  • Interest changes and depreciation may be tax deductible.
  • Fixed payments for the term of the agreement enable easier management of cashflow.
  • Equity can be built up in your vehicle or equipment.

What is a Finance Lease?
Under a finance lease, the finance provider purchases the vehicle or equipment of your choice in exchange for a series of rental payments. At the outset, a residual value is set which enables you to make an offer to purchase the vehicle or equipment at the end of the term or return it to the financier (NB with the latter option, you will be required to meet any shortfall if the sales proceeds do not meet the residual value). Alternatively there is a trade in option where you can begin a new lease:

The benefits of this business finance option to your business are:

  • If the vehicle or equipment is used to generate taxable income then the rental payments are tax deductible.
  • Accurate budgeting with fixed payments.
  • Enables regular updating of vehicles and equipment.

What is a Novated Lease?
An Australian Mortgage and Finance novated lease enables your employee to choose the car and lease from the financier under a finance lease. The employee then sub leases the car to you under an Operating Lease. You, your employee and financier then enter into an agreement that makes you the employer , responsible for meeting the lease rentals to the financier for the time the employee works for your company � known as a Deed of Novation.

The benefits of this business finance option to your business are:

  • It's off the balance sheet.
  • Lease rentals are tax deductible.
  • Administration is relieved of the cost burden relating to acquisition and disposal of the car.

The benefits of the business finance option to your employees are:

  • Freedom to choose the car and be the registered owner.
  • Ability to transfer (novate) the lease to a new employer.
  • Unrestricted private use at a preset and controlled cost.
  • Cash savings through the utilisation of pre-tax salary (salary sacrifice).

To organise an appointment or further information on business finance facilities contact the Australian Mortgage and Finance on 0490 189 891 or please complete the loan enquiries form.