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I went to John Gill's First Home Buyer seminar knowing that I needed to get a grip on all the mortgage finance jargon around and to discover the process behind applying for a home loan. John explained all of the technical terms simply and used examples to show how the terms are used out in the industry. It was clear to me that John knew what he was talking about. I found the tips on fortnightly repayments and how to negotiate with the real estate agent extremely effective. I also appreciated the open nature of John's talk and the way John answered all questions in a honest and forthright way. I would recommend anyone who wants to know more about buying their first home come along to one of John's seminars.


James Dunstan
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Media Australia Pty Ltd


I am delighted at the opportunity to provide a testimonial for Mr John Gill.

Just over a year ago I purchased my first property. I experienced extreme difficulty in securing finance, approaching over 15 mortgage brokers and lending institutions, but was not able to obtain a loan. One of the difficulties that I faced was that I was buying in a regional area, with a very small deposit, and only on one income. For several heartbreaking months it seemed that my dreams of owning my own home would not be realised.

Enter John Gill.

I contacted John, and explained my difficulties to him, and within 2 weeks he rang me to say that he had secured finance. But this is not all he did for me. Buying a first home can be quite a confusing and scary experience, especially on ones own. During the application process I must have rung John at least 15 times seeking advice. Every time I contacted him, he was never to busy to take the time to speak to me, reassuring me along the way, and proving me with extremely sound financial advice.

Now, just over 12 months later I am refinancing my loan, and once again John has been there to help me; advising me on the process and ensuring that I make all the right choices for a secure financial future.

I cannot praise John highly enough for the support, understanding and assistance he has given me. He is extremely courteous, efficient, and most importantly, highly experienced. I would recommend John to anyone that is looking to buy their first home, or thinking about refinancing an existing property.

I really believe John to be a person of high ethical standards, well respected by all who do business with him. From my experience, I know that he is able to offer a service that others cannot. I am so glad that I did not give up when I was told NO, and miraculously found John. I am sure that if I had not, I would still be trapped in the rent cycle.

John is one of life's rare characters that truly has his heart in what he does, cares about the individuals that he deals with, and is personally gratified by helping to make other people happy. He really is one of the good guys, and I will continue to use John throughout my life in all my mortgage needs, as there is no one I would rather trust with my most important financial decisions.

So if you are reading this and wonder if you should call John, all I can say to you is do it now and you will be so very glad that you did.

Yours sincerely

Kate Esser

John Gill is a true professional. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable on home and mortgage options, he was also able to communicate in a way that we could all understand. With all our interactions we have been impressed by John's reliability, professionalism and integrity. I highly recommend attending one of John's seminars.

Peter Low
Executive Director
Channel Connect Pty Ltd